I Think I’m an Adult

Yesterday I checked my assigned hole in the wall, otherwise known as a mailbox, and found a suspicious white envelope inside.

It was addressed to me, and printed on the front in depressingly red letters was, “BILL ENCLOSED”.

This morning while shuffling though my collection of keys trying to find the one that would lock my front door, I was approached by an eager young girl selling chocolate who kept calling me “ma’am”.

Against my better judgement I bought 3 bars, and while walking to my car eating one of the bars, I tried desperately to remember why I had so many keys without a known purpose.

This evening while on my way to class, I stopped at a gas station for a mango tea. The car parked beside me was blasting their music so loud the bass made the car’s frame rattle.

Even though I knew every word to every verse of the song, the only sentence my mind could construct was, “Dang kids with their dang music.”

After class as my professor was giving her parting reminders, a classmate asked if I had a long weekend.

“Yeah, it was enjoyable, but definitely a busy one.”

“I can tell! We’re old now; can’t stay up until 6 and wake up at 8 like we used to! You look exhausted, better go right to sleep when you get home.”

The fact that she was so confident in her assessment of my appearance blew me. 1) I’m not sure what she used to do, but I was NEVER able to stay up until 6am. 2) I looked tired because I’m human and didn’t sleep well last night, not because I can’t hang.

– Yes, I know she meant well.

Tonight I walked into my apartment, tossed my purposeless keys on the table, and slumped onto the couch thinking about how I now live alone (because apparently I’m an adult) and rent is going to be due soon.

After a few minutes I made tea, scrolled through Facebook, read newsletters, and checked emails before going to bed at 8:37pm.

I’m not exactly sure, but I think I’m an adult. Gross.

One response to “I Think I’m an Adult”

  1. Growing up. They say the older we get the uglier we get. When I heard that I was instantly offended. Anyways. very descriptive. I like.

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