Apparently, Lil Uzi is a Rockstar

My younger cousin is a fan of Lil Uzi.

Like a hardcore fan.

I don’t understand the hype.
He’s a terrible rapper.
His voice is awkwardly pitched.
… and he dresses strange.

So I took time to really think about his music and his persona in general…

I think, I’ve learned to tolerate Lil Uzi Vert.

I’m not going to list and discuss the detailed information I’ve uncovered, simply because, I’m not.

I will however share my conclusion.

Have y’all ever realized he’s not a rapper?
He’s not similar to Lil Yatchy (don’t understand him either) or these other new “rappers” jacking up hip-hop.
At the core, he’s a rock artist that uses hip-hop beats.
He’s like, a new something-or-other.
If his sound ISN’T new, I sure haven’t heard it before.

Or maybe I just haven’t paid attention to the others.

Either way, while he’s a terrible rap artist, I started listening and pretending he’s a rock artist.

Guess what.

He doesn’t sound like COMPLETE crap anymore.
I’m still not going to go to a concert.
Won’t be rocking a shirt with his name on it.
Most likely not going to buy an album. Ever.
BUT, I don’t mind his music being blasted everywhere all day anymore.

Shout out to different perspectives.

Also, shout out to my lunch.

Because delicious.

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