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I’ve had my fair share of dealings with MLM (multi-level marketing) companies, long before I even knew what they were.

Cutco in high school,

World Finance Group in my young adult years,

Primerica some short time after that…

And with each of them I immediately thought “Scam”, before I did a little research and decided to try it anyway.

Also with each company, I’ve been amazed at how the products are of great quality and value, with no scam in sight.

Like, I’m so overprotective of my Cutco knives. Even the scissors and vegetable peeler are impressive.

“Hey C.M., if these companies were so great, why aren’t you with them anymore?”

Well kids, that’s because I’m a terrible marketer. With MLM companies your profit is commission based, and mainly dependant on recruiting other people, which is hard for someone who doesn’t much like talking to people, to do.

Terrible marketer.

Anyway, fast-forward to 3 weeks before I graduate with my master degree, and I’m approached by a friend of mine who has been trading in the forex (foreign exchange) market.

He explains that he’s trading currencies, he’s with IML (iMarkets Live), he’s learned the skill of trading and reading charts to predict the market, and that it’s another MLM.


However after talking to him more, it was revealed that this might be an amazing opportunity.

I can make money even without recruiting (because we’ve already established I’m terrible at that),

I keep ALL of my profits (because I’m trading in a market using my own funds),

I can start with a fake account to practice (because it’s my money on the line and I need to be confident in what the heck I’m doing),

It doesn’t matter if the market is going up or down, profit will still be made by buying and selling,

and the monthly fee is more like a membership to use trade tools created by and only for IML members (If I choose, I can still trade in the forex market without the support of IML).

Our team is also super connected and supportive of each other, so I never feel like I’m trying to maneuver the market on my own.

The more I save my profits and grow my account, the more I’ll have to trade and the bigger profit I can make.

I find it truly amazing that while I’m eating or watching TV, I’m also trading for a few minutes a day, and growing my money.

Why make an entire post about this? Simply to share the knowledge while it’s still early.

Bitcoin, Apple, Microsoft, and so many other opportunities come and gone for so many people because of their not being willing to taking a risk. A wealth shift is quickly approaching, and I don’t want to regret not hopping on board for this one. Do you?

Go ahead and shoot me an email if you have questions, because I have answers.

Monday – Friday at 9pm, stop by and don’t miss the train this time.

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