Sitting Curbside

I knew it was going to be a bad day when my alarm went off, and I opened my eyes.

Nothing big happened in those few seconds, but I felt it in my gut.

I also felt hungry, but, duh.

Anyway, I focused on positivity, started my morning tasks, and continued to run into issues.

Because sometimes no matter how positively you try to look at things, the universe won’t budge on being a pompous jerk.

Those problems however, are in the past and not important for this post, so I’m not affording them any more of my energy.

Adulting like a boss.

Only by the grace of God did I remember my car was on E, and if I didn’t get gas right then, I was going to be even more late than I was already on track for. This is the point when I released my shift at work, because I just wasn’t mentally prepared.

In true bad day fashion, I made my way to my usual gas station, and couldn’t maneuver a lane change in time to actually reach it.

Of course.

Well, as everyone knows you can never let them (including the universe) see you sweat, so I went with the flow and made my way to another station down the street.

There were two guys sitting on a curb leading to the station’s car wash, facing the street, the gas pumps, and me.

I silently nodded as I passed, paid for my gas, and dropped my change of 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 3 pennies the second I walked out of the door.

A phrase I’ve heard involving a camel’s back and the straw that broke it, fits perfectly here.

Completely fed up with everything, I had a strong urge to just be still.

I stood there for a second, then my legs just kinda started moving. I wasn’t sure where they were going, but I had no choice but to tag along. Ha. A few seconds later 2 men sat in front of me with a look of confusion.

“You look like you could use a drink.”

I don’t drink and it was 9am, so that was a strong no. I instead asked if I may sit for a while.

You know me, learning lessons in all the strange and thought provoking ways the world has to offer, and whatnot.

While sitting curbside I met Terry, who never knew his dad, and lost a majority of the family he knew about by the time he hit age 30. He then started down the wrong path, ended up in prison, lost his mother, and came back into the world wanting to start over and do things the right way.

He’s hilarious, knows a ridiculous amount of world history, and has some mean cocktail recipies. Terry has been homeless for 12 years now, and I learned how valuable a system of support truly is in a person’s life.

While sitting curbside I also met Darren. He prefers to be called DJ. DJ dropped out of high school, mom kicked him out, moved here, went back to get his GED and started doing well for himself. He was then laid off, and well, with no family contact and little education, life just went downhill from there.

DJ can sang (not sing, sang) his behind off, can draw like no one’s business, and is a huge fan of Eddie Murphy. He’s been homeless for 5 years, and last week he talked to his mom for the first time in 9 years. He says he’s going to get his life back by 2019, and I believe him. I learned again how valuable a system of support truly is in a person’s life.

We all need help, support, and a cheering squad. I’ve expressed my love for mentorship before; life gets tough and having at least one person to lean on is priceless.

In a nutshell, I learned that you can’t reach success alone, and that lesson couldn’t have come at a better time. They wouldn’t let me fly them a couple of bucks, and said they’d just finished eating so food wasn’t needed.

Those guys were cool as a breeze, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them so I can sit and talk again.

It’s nice to just be still, sometimes.

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