Our Talks #1

Time spent with my goddaughter is so enjoyable.

Unless of course she’s cranky, being stubborn, can’t go to sleep extremely late at night, etc.

But whatever, those are normal child things that come with tiny humans.

One of my favorite things about her at this age are the conversations we have, and the bittersweet realization that one day these conversations will turn from something of genuine silliness, to actual contemplated adult thoughts.

Due to this truth, I’ve decided to share parts of some of our conversations, so when she does grow up and I miss her smaller version I can revisit some laughs.

Tiny Baby:… C.M., I’m brown.

Me: Yeah, you are.

TB: Why am I brown?

M: Well, because God made you that way.

TB: Gone?

M: No, God.

TB: Gone?


TB: Ohhhh, God.

M: Yeah, God.

TB: Why’d he do that?

M: Well, because Brown is beautiful and you’re beautiful, so he made you brown.

TB: Why didn’t he put sprinkles on my face.

M: Sprinkles are to eat, we can’t eat your face, so he didn’t give your face sprinkles.

TB: Sooooooo, why don’t I have sprinkles on my face?


TB: …………………. Well I want God to put sprinkles on my face.

M: I’m not having this conversation with you anymore.

Juuust wait until you hit puberty; you’ll have all the face sprinkles you could ever want, and then some.

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