Our Talks #2

Just a running record of conversations between my goddaughter and I.

She’s going to be an ass when she grows up, but it’s okay, that just means we’ll get along better than I’d hoped.

*Pull up to chocolate shop*

Tiny Baby: C.M., is this where ice cream is?

Me: Yup.

TB: Guess what kind I’m getting!

M: Is it birt-

TB: Chocolate! I’m getting chocolate ice cream; it’s my favorite.

M: Oh, well okay.

*Walking across parking lot*

TB: I don’t want to wallllllk…

M: I’m not carrying you, sooooo…

TB: *Begins to pout*

*Go inside shop, TB is still pouting and on the verge of tears*

M: Hey guess what.

TB: Whhhhhhaaaaat…

M: I’m an adult, so I can have ice cream whenever I want. You’re a kid, so if you don’t fix your attitude you won’t get ice cream until next year.

TB: *Gets her face together immediately*

Chocolate Shop Lady: Hi guys! What would you like?

TB: Ice cream!

M: *picks TB up so she can see the options* There’s chocolate, or you can have birthday cake.

CSL: Do you want to try something? You can see if you like it.

TB: *Nods head and shoots puppy dog eyes as if it’s necessary*

CSL: Awww, she’s so cute!

M: Don’t play into it.

*After trying 5 flavors, and the CSL asking after every one if she wants to try something else*

M: Okay, no more. Let’s choose a flavor after this one.

CSL: Yeah, last one hahaha.

M: You started this, you know. I’m really tempted to let her try the whole selection.

After much deliberation (psych), Tiny Baby chooses the birthday cake flavor.


TB: Okay C.M., I’m done. It’s all gone. Let’s go home now.

M: Uhhmmmm I’m still eating my crepe, we aren’t going anywhere.

TB: What?! Haha C.M. I didn’t even see you had more. I said let’s go and you still had one more!

(I actually had a lot more)

TB: C.M. you’re still eating. I said let’s go home, but you were still eating; you had one more strawberry and chocolate hahaha.

(Again, I had a lot more “strawberry and chocolate”)

TB: C.M. did you still have one more when I said I’m done? Yeah, I said let’s go home but you-

M: I get it. I had one more.

TB: Yeah!… C.M. you’re still eating? You eat slow. Can you hurry I want to go home. C.M. why do you eat so slow? I’m already done with my ice cream, and my strawberries and chocolate.

M: I have a lot more than you did. See, more strawberries, more chocolate, and it’s in a crepe so I have more to eat and more work to do.

TB: … but you’re still eating.

M: Nope. I’m done.

TB: Oh, good. I’m ready to go home now. C.M. you’re my best friend.

M: Tiny Baby, you’re a bully.

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