I am C.M. Knox. If you ever need to find me in a crowd, just look for a purple baseball hat. Born and raised in the Great Lone Star State of Texas, I obtained my bachelors degree from The Prairie View A&M University, and my masters degree from Houston Baptist University.

My story? After accepting that I was more passionate about molding the learning experience than engineering, I was confident my end career goals would revolve around Education and Student Affairs. However, once I began that journey I realized what I wanted, and where I was actually supposed to be, were two different pushpins on a very large map. They say if you want to hear the man upstairs laugh, tell him your plans. Well, lesson learned. Nevertheless, this excites me to my core, because having hobbies that range from playing classical music and traveling the world, to building RC cars and binge-watching movies, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve figured out what I want to do with my life. Seriously.

Outside looking in, things may seem all over the place right now, but I have future plans larger than life and my confidence and passion for making a change are sure to see me through to success. I believe that knowledge is a waste if not shared in some way, so this website will be populated with everything – and nothing more – that I’ve gathered in all the normal and question-provoking ways the world has to offer. Whether it ends up being an archive of experiences I can re-visit, a virtual diary of sorts, or someone’s small break from reality laced with a bit of humor, PHP is here to entertain.

Anyway, with God on my side and coffee in hand, I’m fully prepared for all of the failures, frustrations, late nights, and risks my journey will hold, so welcome to my ever changing perspective of Earth.


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