Onwards and Upwards

For some reason, I decided to sit on my curb instead of my porch. For some reason, I sat beside the only plant growing from the concrete (I checked). For some reason I couldn’t stop staring at it.

I had a realization.

“Everyone in the world can relate to the little plant erupting from the concrete. Something blocking you from your goals. Someone telling you your dreams are impossible. Forget that. Overcome. Go against the odds. Grow. Never stop. Conquer… Everything was impossible, until someone did it.”

C.M. Knox

Literature Review: The Risk of it All

I’m big on mentoring and the impact it has on people (mainly students, because “people” also includes adults that suck, and I don’t much care about them).
My mentors played a huge part in my life, and I’ve seen friends fall from their path for a lack of having them.
So i’m always interested in aspects of mentoring.
Because, I’m big on it.

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