I am not a teacher. I do not have real students. However, I do have imaginary students in my imaginary 6th grade science class that are Stars, and will be completing the fake assignments I make while I’m learning how to mold the minds of real students.
Click the links, see what my star students are working on, and be amazed.

Subject Sampler – Remember those times in school when your teacher would give you a list of websites, and you had to go to each one to find answers to questions? Well, now I know what that list is called, and I MADE ONE!
Web 2.0 Tools – Have you ever heard of a web 2.0 tool? I hadn’t. Then I learned what they are, found one that was cool, and made a quick PowerPoint about it. BOOM. (This page shows screenshots, but the actual file can be found at the end.)
TEASe – Did your teachers ever show a video at the beginning of a class to get you excited for the upcoming lesson?… Mine didn’t, but I wish they had. Come learn what these presentations are all about!