Subject Sampler

At a point in time, oxygen didn’t have a name, and we didn’t know that it was 1/3 of what made water. Elements of the periodic table are all around you everyday, every hour, every second. Can you imagine being the person to discover one of them? This subject sampler is to introduce you to new and old elements, how they were discovered, and who discovered them.

Instructions for my star students: Click each link below, and answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Krypton Not Kryptonite
​1. Who discovered Krypton?
2. What does Krypton’s name mean?
3. Why does Krypton’s name, fit the element?

Soccer Balls in Space
1. What is a “buckyball”? (DO NOT tell me “A space soccer ball.”)
2. How were they discovered?

Everyone Loves Helium
​1. How was helium discovered?
2. Why does helium have to form in the Earth’s crust?
​3. Name 3 things helium is used for.

Discovering the Elements
​1. Who defined what an element was?
2. Who proved there were more than 4 elements?
​3. Who created the periodic table?

After exploring this sampler, I can only hope that your mind is buzzing about how elements are found, and the kinds of people that find them. Who knows, if you study hard, you might discover or create a new element yourself!