This my friends, is a TEASe – Technology Enhanced Anticipatory Set.
The acronym pretty much says it all. A TEASe is a short video (about 3 – 6 minutes) that gives the students a preview of a new lesson; it’s a tease to what they will begin learning that day.
Though I’ve seen some that are pretty awesome, these videos don’t have to be movie trailer quality. They do however need to grab your students’ attention.
There are 4 components necessary for a TEASe to be such.
These are:

Videos – short clips relevant to the topic
Pictures – lots, and lots of relevant pictures
Music – tunes that help build the excitement
Questions – simple questions to generate thoughts about the topic

The point of the TEASe is to start your students’ minds roaming about the topic, and asking questions throughout the video is an effective way to do that.
These videos are also great because they are meant to touch multiple intelligences (auditory, visual, verbal). Again, you want to grab the attention of all your students.

Below is the TEASe I made to get my Stars ready for physical and chemical changes. For a future lesson, they will be making their own videos in groups to present information to the class.