Often, most GIVE up their old selves in order to catapult forward. You must give yourself grace as well as patience to truly change the narrative for yourself. 

It is a constant challenge to understand that to GROW is an ever-changing event in our lives. Growth encourages and displays your ability to drop what once was and grasp what is now needed in your life to assist you in moving forward. Growth is Real. Growth is Raw. Growth is hard. 

Once you have gained the abilities to give and grow you open up yourself for the GAIN. You gain abundance in love, spirituality, and in self. The growth, however hard it may be, allots you the opportunity to gain clarity as well as experiences. 

To be able to GLOW one often has to tackle many obstacles in life. You have to give, grow, and gain a little in order to finally embrace your GLOW. Yes, at times you may feel as though your glow isn’t as radiant but it is and will forever be there with. And  even when you feel like “glow” has dimmed always remember—this can’t be it!



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